How to Save Money on Groceries

The average spending of a family of four in the UK is £700-£1000. However, about 40% of the food goes to waste every month. This translates to about £300. If you use the right strategies, it is possible to save more on your grocery, enjoy healthier meals, and reduce cost on waste management. In this post, we look at some of the money saving strategies that you can adopt for your groceries.

Plan the grocery trip carefully

Before setting out to the grocery, take some moment planning. This will help you make some saving because it will be possible to identify deals and only to purchase what is needed. Pre-planning ensures that the wastes are reduced and leftovers are eliminated. If planning for meals is difficult, consider using meal planning sites that sends a shopping list with all the items in your email. The services can help you save time, get better nutrition, and cut on cost.

Always shop do grocery shopping with a list

If you set out shopping without a shopping a list, the risk of buying items you do not need is very high. The list should help you know what to pick based on the family need to avoid creating excesses that go to the dustbin. The list will also help you to stay away from areas that have items not needed at home, rather following every shelf in the store.

Invest in a dryer to dehydrate and store seasonal products

Some of the products that spike the budget on grocery so much are the seasonal supplies. When these products are not available from the UK, they are imported from as far as South America and Asia to ensure that the supplies are constant. To avoid paying a premium for such products, consider investing in a dryer. Then, buy in bulk when they are in season and store properly. Some products that can be dried and stored include herbs, nuts, and fruits. This means that you can buy the preferred fruits at a low price throughout the year.

Look for stores with clearance offers

Many stores that are not anticipating making more sales with products on the shelves put special clearance price tags. By lowering the rates, more buyers flock there to get the groceries at discounted rates. To know when these stores have offers, you have to carry some research or even join their mailing list for notifications. Some of the stores cut the prices of items with up to 40% to clear them and bring new supplies.

Sign up for grocery cards on the preferred store

Many grocery stores have crafted loyalty cards that provide special points that are recoverable. Though the target is keeping you coming back, you do not lose anything by signing for the card. It is always free, and you can make savings of up to 10%. Remember that members to these stores are also first to get special coupons, regular discounts, and other offers.